Who we are

We are seasoned high-tech entrepreneurs, managers and marketers with many successful start-ups behind us who are tracking the new disruptive technologies, companies and projects. There are tens of billions being invested in thousands of companies and startups that are building innovative technologies that will disrupt just about every business on the Planet.

The Problem We Solve

We make it easy for business managers to take advantage of the newest technologies to improve their business and for vendors of those technologies to find their customers.

Business Manager Problem:

Businesses who could benefit from the billions of dollars being invested to develop new technologies usually don't know how to discover them. To discover means they have to become familiar with the latest developments which is not easy in the fast moving technology evolution. They have to search the Internet for solutions, wade through countless Web Pages in order to figure out if there is a match, contact the company and deal with persistent sales people with their own agendas.

Vendor Problem:

Today vendors spend a lot of time and money analyzing market needs, building products, promoting them, advertising and cold calling on countless of prospects in order to find the few that actually have a need that matches their products.

We know this because we've done this ourselves for over 20 years while building high-tech companies. It is a huge expense and one which customers end up paying.

Our Solution

We connect buyers and sellers of new technologies and products in a very efficient way.

Managers describe business problems they want to solve and 180find makes it easy for vendors to find them and present their best solutions. Everyone wins. There is no downside to this approach so let's do it!

No hype, no bias and no conflicts of interest

  • 180find is unbiased. We don't take money from vendors in order to sponsor, feature, highlight or promote their products or company.
  • We don't charge buyers nor do we take any commissions on sales made by vendors.
  • We do charge vendors a small fee for a privilege to make proposals to buyers. This is a tiny fraction of what they spend today looking for a buyer.
  • We don't pressure anyone. Vendors and customers communicate directly without any involvement from us.
  • Customers (potential buyers) can stay anonymous during the process until they are ready.
  • We don't sell anyone anything. We only enable buyers and sellers to connect on terms they feel comfortable with.

180find Leadership

Tad Witkowicz: Chairman of The Board

Serial entrepreneur and investor started his career as an engineer and became a founder and CEO of 3 successful high-tech companies (two listed on NASDAQ) with operations in North America and Europe.



Jerry Witkowicz: CEO

An engineer with over 25 years of product and service management experience at large telecom and software companies including Bell Canada, Nortel and Compuware.

613 217 8200