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Mobile data and content consumption is a major part of every customer's activity. We give you the ability to understand and analyze customers behavior across on-portal, off-portal and mobile applications.

Product description


Mobile Analytics



Mobile data and content consumption is a major part of every customer's activity. We give you the ability to understand and analyze their behavior across on-portal, off-portal and mobile applications.

  • Map all portal activities on a per subscriber basis all the way from browsing to consumption
  • Track mobile web activities based on opt-in and subscriber preferences
  • Monitor and track off-deck and app store consumption

Mobile Analytics is an end-to-end analytics application suite that allows you to understand data, content and application consumption across all mobile portals and channels. It enables you to analyze mobile activity both on and off portal including:

  • Consumption (Purchases and download)
  • Browsing and Search
  • Usage, Interests, Conversion and Purchase details per customer and content provider over time across varied dimensions


Mobile Analytics includes the following core modules:


This module allows you to map the end-to-end activity on-deck and derive insights from customer behavior. The solution comes with a pre-packaged set of reports, dashboards and work-flows but also provides unlimited flexibility to define new analytics views and perform ad-hoc analysis. Some of the salient capabilities of the solution include:

  • Ongoing and continuous tracking of conversion rates from browsing to purchase as subscribers move through the sales funnel
  • Automated identification of barriers and opportunities reducing conversion
  • Mapping of customer preferences of content over time
  • Analysis of storefront performance
  • Content Provider Analytics and Self Service


The Mobile web analyzer allows you to track subscriber activity on the mobile Internet based on opt-in and preferences. Key capabilities include:

  • Collection of browsing data both on and off portal
  • Identification of consumption shifts and patterns across channels
  • Classification of browsing activity based on categorization
  • Embedded deep packet inspection engine that can extract metadata and context from off-portal activity
  • Ability to integrate to third party probes


The application analyzer enables monitoring and tracking of application downloads, online usage and other activity related to application stores. These include operator managed stores as well as Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows app stores. Specific capabilities include:

  •  Tracking application downloads and app usage
  • Classification of customer segments based on interests
  • Constructing smart-phone fingerprint per subscriber
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