Phishing, malware, and cryptojacking continue to increase in sophistication

Attackers are constantly trying new ways to get around established defenses. The data, collected throughout 2017 by Webroot, illustrates that attacks such as ransomware are becoming a worldwide threat and are seamlessly bypassing legacy security solutions because organizations are neglecting to patch, update, or replace their current products….

7 Ways to Protect Against Cryptomining Attacks

Cybercriminals are increasingly hijacking enterprise systems and websites for cryptocurrency mining. Crowdstrike and other security vendors have recently reported incidents where businesses have suffered serious application and operational disruptions after attackers took over their systems to…….

Hackers exploit old vulnerability, to mine cryptocurrencies on Linux servers

The hackers who installed and ran a cryptocurrency mining operation on hacked Tesla ASW servers and Jenkins servers is now targeting servers running Linux and has so far generated more than $74,000 in Monero. The new campaign uses the legitimate, open-source XMRig cryptominer in conjunction with…….

Criminals Using Web Injects to Steal Cryptocurrency

Criminals have deployed a variety of tactics in recent months to try and profit from the cryptocurrency boom. One of them is the use of Web injects to intercept and modify traffic between user browsers and cryptocurrency sites in order to steal coins from victims and transfer it to accounts held by criminals….


Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 26 March 2018
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