Hackers using .NET Malware Called Evrial to steals Bitcoins by Abusing the clipboard

A new stealthy .NET malware discovered with sophisticated functionality that steals bitcoin by abusing the clipboard to taking control of it and modifying the cryptocoin address. Initially, this functionality has been discovered with the malware called Cryptoshuffle by the end of 2017 and later…….

Supposed Bitcoin co-inventor sued for more than $10 billion in cryptocurrency

A recent lawsuit filed in a Florida court seeks more than $10 billion worth of Bitcoins from an individual who claims to be one of three Bitcoin inventors. The lawsuit doesnt go into Scooby-Doo mode to unravel the mysteries of Bitcoins origin, but instead roots out what could be a scheme to hoard Bitcoins for personal gain….

Hackers serve up double cryptocurrency miners by exploiting an Oracle server vulnerability

The cybercriminals used the flaw to deliver two Monero miner payloads, both of which can start up daily and automatically.Coin-mining malware variants generally attempt to infect as many devices as possible, given that it takes immense computing capabilities to mine for cryptocurrencies REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration….


Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 28 February 2018
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