Hacker returns another $17m worth of stolen Ethereum to firm just months after ICO heist

The unexpected transaction came just days before the Israel-based company’s formal product launch.What is Ethereum? Co-founder Joe Lubin explains the cryptocurrency IBTimes USAn unknown hacker has returned over 20,000 more ETH worth over $17m to CoinDash just months after the firm was hacked last year….

Cryptojacking is the new malware

The 9th annual HITB Security Conference (Amsterdam, 9-13 April) features six 3-day technical training courses followed by a 2-day triple track conference.The success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, is driving the increasing popularity of cryptomining , the process by which thse currencies are earned….

The Latest Malware That Steals Bitcoins Using the Clipboard

Evrial is a cryptocoin malware stealer discovered by the researchers at ElevenPaths which takes control of the clipboard to get “easy money”.Evrial is a cryptocoin malware stealer which takes control of the clipboard to get “easy money”.ElevenPaths…

14 Mn cryptocurrency miner malware hits detected in 2017: Report

Quick Heal Technologies today released its Annual Threat Report – 2018 with the objective of providing qualitative insights into the cyber threat landscape that impacted individuals and businesses in 2017. The report features data analyzed by Quick Heal Security Labs from millions of products…….


Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 27 February 2018
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