Blockchain Hardened devices: Can they restore privacy with security by design?

These developments show that security technology is now keeping up, or outpacing other technological and regulatory developments. Thus, while users wants often continue to trump their appreciation of risk, the industry has responded and in many cases gotten ahead of popular demand.

Android Web Users Victims of Cryptojacking Campaign

Threat actors behind a malvertising campaign are explicitly targeting mobile web users, redirecting Android owners to websites where crooks mine Monero using the Coinhive service while the user is busy solving a CAPTCHA. Spotted by , and Bleeping Computer this campaign appears to have started in November last year….

Telegram app was targeted by crypto mining malware, Kaspersky Lab says

Th malware was designed to trick users of Telegram’s app and desktop computer software into enlisting their machines to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash. REUTERS February 14, 2018, 07:40 ISTMOSCOW: Previously undetected malware directed at users of the desktop version of the messaging…….

LoopX pulls exit scam, walks away with $4.5m in investor cryptocurrency

The startup’s last ICO was the finale of a scammer’s performance.

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 14 February 2018
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