There are arguments that the increasing trends in cryptocurrency hacks are not an actual indication of security weakness in the actual blockchain technology. Perhaps that might be true. However, one could also argue that today cybercriminals are motivated by instant rewards and cryptocurrency is that reward. The block data may not be as valuable to cybercriminals today but that does not mean that as blockchain systems are deployed more widely, block data will not be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Skepticism Grows Over BitGrails Supposed $167 Million Hack

The notice indicated that all transactions have been put on hold until authorities complete their investigation. Very little is known about BitGrail, as it is not listed among the 183 exchanges whose volume is ranked by CoinMarketCap. Suspicion Grows. Unlike other crypto heists, the circumstances…….

Hackers hijack millions of Android devices to secretly mine Monero in drive-by cryptomining scheme

This new drive-by cryptomining campaign has hijacked millions of devices to mine cryptocurrency Pixabay/Creative CommonsThis new drive-by cryptomining campaign has hijacked millions of devices to mine cryptocurrency REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration.Hackers have managed to hijack millions of…….


Crypto Mining Malware Infects Thousands of Websites

Hacked Script Infects Several Government Sites with Cryptominer. The websites of numerous government, health and education organizations worldwide were infected with a crypto-currency miner over the weekend, after a script running on all of them was maliciously modified….

Lazarus is back and targeting Bitcoin users

The new campaign, dubbed HaoBao, bears the hallmarks of Lazaruss previous attacks in 2017, but the new campaign targets Bitcoin users and global financial organisations. The 2017 attacks targeted US Defense contractors, the US energy sector, financial organisations and cryptocurrency exchanges with…….

Cryptocurrencies facing pricing bubble, EU watchdogs warn

Virtual currencies such as bitcoin have shown clear signs of a pricing bubble and consumers could lose all their money, the European Unions banking, securities and insurance watchdogs said on Monday. Bitcoin, the best known cryptocurrency, rose more than 1,000 percent in 2017 but has already lost…….

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 13 February 2018
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