Blockchain is suppose to provide increased security for digital currency and data. With another weekend of continued cybercrime in cryptocurrency, blockchain seccurity is in question.

Russian Nuclear Center engineers arrested for using supercomputers to mine cryptocurrency

The temptation to cash in on cryptocurrency may have been too much to resist.

Hackers hijack government websites to mine crypto-cash

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) took down its website after a warning that hackers were taking control of visitors computers to mine cryptocurrency. Security researcher Scott Helme said more than 4,000 websites, including many government ones, were affected….

Attackers Hijacked 4275 Websites Including U.S. & UK Govt Sites to Run Cryptocurrency Mining Script

Attackers hijacked 4275 websites to inject Coinhive Monero miner including the websites of government authorities(, NHS Foundation (, and Crypto-Mining Attacks are one of the biggest emerging threats for enterprises. And the recent trend is more mainstream and is done directly via web pages….

US, UK government websites infected with crypto-mining malware: report

REUTERS: Thousands of websites, including ones run by U.S. and UK government agencies, were infected for several hours on Sunday with code that causes web browsers to secretly mine digital currencies, technology news site The Register reported. More than 4,200 sites were infected with a malicious…..

$150 Million Worth of Nano Allegedly Stolen From Cryptocurrency Exchange BitGrail

$150 million worth of Nano, formerly known as RaiBlocks, were stolen from BitGrail, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Italy, merely two weeks after Coincheck experienced the largest cryptocurrency hacking attack in history.In an official statement, the Nano core team stated that Francesco The…….

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 12 February 2018
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