Sales executives that we speak to are looking for unique ways to find new sales prospects and to convert them to qualified leads. They also want to know how their sales prospecting efforts compare to their industry benchmarks.

Get your benchmark report on sales prospecting in your industry and learn :

  • How many new prospects sales agents speak to each day
  • How many they convince to take next steps
  • What are the top objections and how frequently they appear
    • % of time prospect had no need
    • Competition offered a better deal
    • Solution pricing
    • % of lost opportunities
    • And many more
  • How do your sales people rank against each of these areas in your industry
  • How do your sales tactics compare to peers in your industry

If you would like to receive your private report, please click on the “I want a private report” button and follow the instructions. If you wish to see a sample report, click on “Download sample report” and you will be directed to our download site.

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 6 December 2017
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