It may sound simple and hard to believe but you already have answers that will help you discover new sales opportunities. If you are like most sales organizations we spoke with, you are likely ignoring this information. Why because you to may also chasing new and popular experiments that are difficult to prove and measure.

Your front line sales people generate critical sales information daily and unless you tap into it daily, you are missing significant opportunities. How does an organization tap into this information? Simple, you observe what sales people do daily, what they experience, where they succeed and where they fail and why. Daily observations produce critical trends that enable sales leaders to quickly spot; which sales messages generate qualified leads, which message fail to convert contacts, which sales people are succeeding and which fail, when competition impacts their sales prospecting, which best practices to repeat and  which to avoid.

These trends communicate critical facts. Sales leaders are able to take corrective actions to adjust sales strategies and measure the impacts these changes have on sales successes. Why wait until it’s too late. If you ask sales people what they will achieve, the answers will typically be always optimistic. Of course they will achieve their goals.  No one plans to fail. By the time sales leaders discover that targets are in jeopardy, it’s typically too late to intervene to make a difference.

When sales leaders observe what their sales people do, they will draw their own conclusions based on what is being achieved daily and will know when to intervene to help and where. It’s amazing how many sales organizations feel that they have it all covered. Monitoring their qualified sales pipeline seems to be sufficient strategy. And yet, they are looking for new opportunities. As one sales executive shared, “managing with CRM only is like managing sales using rear view mirror”. He is absolutely correct. Managing sales with focus on qualified leads is important. These are known potentials. What about the missed new opportunities that your front line sales people face every day and not qualify them. This is where emerging threats appear as well as new opportunities. Every sales organization needs to also look forward as this is where their company’s future is.

If you are interested in discovering how your sales organization can tap into your critical sales information on daily basis, please send me a quick note This approach is unique and very simple to use.


Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 20 November 2017
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