Interpol operation finds nearly 9,000 malware-infected servers, compromised websites in Southeast Asia

Several government websites that may have contained personal data of their citizens were also affected….

The Threat to Critical Infrastructure – Growing Right Beneath Our Eyes

Nation-States do Not Fear Reprisal and are Likely to use ICS Artacks as a Component of Geo-Political Conflict read more…

The phishing craze thats blindsiding users

Most phishing attacks involve hiding malicious hyperlinks hidden behind enticing ad images or false-front URLs. Whatever the strategy is, phishing almost always relies on users clicking a link before checking where it really leads. But even the most cautious users may get caught up in the most recent scam….

Why the Wikileaks CIA dump was the most damaging one yet – Eric ONeill is the national security strategist for Carbon Black and a former operative for the FBI, where he conducted national security field operations against terrorists and foreign intelligen… Tweeted by @TechAreis…

Ransomware hidden inside a Word document thats hidden inside a PDF

SophosLabs has discovered a new spam campaign where ransomwareis downloaded and run by a macro hidden inside a Word document that is in turn nested withinaPDF, like a Russian matryoshka doll. The ransomware in this case appears to be a variant of Locky.

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 25 April 2017
  • Existe grande charlatanismo inclusive há na Rede de computadores interligados gente
    de que jeito Walter Accorsi no centro com Curado Paulo em cima de Piracicaba que aconselham os pacientes destinado a abjurar tratamento apenas vegetais medicinais curaria a ataque, que faz desperta interesse na antevisão dos portadores.

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