Fake Delta Airline Receipts Spread Financial Malware

Spam emails posing as Delta Air payment confirmation emails are spreading financial and banking malware to computers. According to Heimdal Security firm, a new campaign trying to get access to your financial information was noticed in the wild. Users are receiving spam emails posing as payment confirmation emails from Delta Air….

Fake app hiding a SMSVova spyware went undetected for years in the Google Play Stores

Millions of users looking to get software updates have downloaded an app hiding a spyware called SMSVova through the official Google Play store. Bad news for millions of Android users looking to get software updates, they have been tricked into downloading a spyware called SMSVova through the official Google Play store….

8 Solid Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

The rate of cyber attacks targeting small businesses has been mounting since 2011. Symantec, the global web and system security company in its 2016 Internet Security Threat Report has showcased how cyber security issues for small businesses have increased in the recent years….

After tricking govt regulators, Uber got caught breaking Apple’s iOS App Store rules

In 2014, Uber was discovered to be blocking authorities from seeing its cars in order to evade regulations or bans in a series of locations including Paris, Las Vegas, China and South Korea. The next year, Apple found out Uber was also flouting its iOS developer rules to identify users’ devices by…….

The IoT Malware That Plays Cat And Mouse With Mirai

The ISBuzz Post : This Post The IoT Malware That Plays Cat And Mouse With Mirai appeared first on Information Security Buzz . Following the news about an IoT malware that plays cat and mouse with Mirai. It was dubbed Hajime and from the start it seems to have had it in for the infamous Mirai…….

Posted by Jerry Witkowicz on 24 April 2017
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